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My Journal Vol. 10
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Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
11:24 pm

Note to self: Unplug or turn off a fluorescent fixture Before attempting to change the bulb. Yes, self, I KNOW Dante does it while it's plugged in - You should not. Don't do it!

And now, notes to everybody else:

I promise I haven't abandoned this venue. I haven't written in this for a long time now, but I have not given up on LJ or trying to keep track of some of the events in my life.

I've been writing a lot lately, actually, in conjunction with Shirts Make The Guy over on Tumblr. Maybe you should check it out? Yeah, probably - though I can't imagine who would be reading This that hasn't already seen That. Anyway, I've been spending over an hour a day with Wordpad open typing up anything remotely interesting I can remember about each day's shirt. I've been doing LJ searches of this journal almost every day looking for first mentions of bands, or notes on when I purchased specific shirts, and many of those searches have turned up useful information.

Things that have been happening since...wow, over a month ago. Dad was in the hospital - he got out a few days later. They're still not entirely certain what's wrong with him: His prostate was either infected or he's got...cancer. He was scheduled for a surgery last week, but once he was there and had the gown on and ready to go he got a call from his doctor postponing it, saying that there was an error made in his office and that the surgery was supposed to be canceled. Fail. They were supposed to wait until he finishes his medicine/antibiotics or whatever, then do some blood work to determine if they can go ahead of if they need to go down the more complicated path. He's feeling almost normal again, which is a blessing, so all we can do is abide and wait, and we'll see how things progress from here.

Leah came home for break. We had fun playing Carcassonne on Xbox, and she helped me sort my shirts the other day. She's gone now, back at school, and she's gonna finish strong, put on an excellent show on April 7, and grab that diploma. That's all ya gotta do, bro - Easy.

If she wanted to call me sis I'd be fine with that. Turn about and all that.

I had an excellent Christmas - Got a bunch of shirts for the project (and beyond!), a Neil Peart drumming hat, MegaMan Soccer, a Lebowski mirror, and a new digital camera to make the picture portion of my Shirts posts. Awesome haul this year. I was pretty pleased with the caliber of gifts I got to give this year, too, which is just as important.

Steve is home, which has been fantastic. He'll be off to Japan later this year, but we're gonna live it up while he's here. Caged birds and all that.

Seriously, unplug the lamp. I shocked a little-girl scream out of myself about half an hour ago. And the worst part - the new lamps are all yellowy and gross. Ugh.

I'm currently trying to kill my crush on a married woman. Watching videos with her in them is not a smart idea.

We went to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo yesterday. Pretty cool movie. Pretty great soundtrack. I've been listening to parts of it all day.

Today was the first "normal" day I've had in 2012, with the house to myself during the day and nothing in particular happening in the evening. It was nice, but soon enough (about 4~5) this "normal" will disappear completely, as Leah finishes undergrad and Dad retires. I've known this life for two years now - And it's all changing very soon. And, perhaps, sooner than I think. Details on that if anything materializes.

So, while I can't promise that I'll feel inspired to get it up enough to make many LJ entries this year I promise to keep reading posts and write whenever I get the itch. The shirt blog is taking up a lot of time each day, as I'm applying the biggest thing my father has ever taught me: "If you're going to do something, do it well." I'm tryin', Dad. I still don't see why anyone thinks it's a good idea, but there's a good buzz about it, and my friends have been awesome in promoting it on The Facebook and whatnot, so we'll see what comes of it. Maybe my future wife will stumble upon it.

Better that than this, I suppose. =P

Current Mood: Shocked!

Thursday, December 8th, 2011
11:48 pm
...Can Your Son Read This Script?...

So Dad's in the hospital...I hate hospitals. He was admitted yesterday after Months of what I can only describe as trying to "walk off" perpetual digestive problems. He's doing Much better today and is going to start taking care of his blood sugar problems which, as Mom suspected (and he denied 9-to-5)(...that's all day), was the underlying cause of his symptoms. We spent a couple hours there today, watching TV and (personally) feeling less-than-useless; sittin' around waiting for the drugs and his body to do they thang...not much one can do to help the process. But, yeah, he's getting better, and I'm super-glad he's getting the help he's needed.

If you listen to hip-hop you need to hear Childish Gambino. I may have mentioned that before...and the search says I have Not. So, yeah, if you like hip-hop, or if you don't like hip-hop (as long as you're down with some vulgar language) you should check him out. Thanks to Skylar for turning me on to his work. (Suggestions: You See Me, Fire Fly, Freaks & Geeks, Backpackers)

Speaking of music, if you dig Christmas tunes you should check out She & Him's new Christmas album; it's fantastic. I may pick up the vinyl - They have that "old world charm" kind of sound that belongs on an LP.

I'm almost finished with my second playthrough of Batman: Arkham Asylum, this time on Hard. It's a great game - Thanks for the loan, Blake.

My original intention was to make a big ol' post on The Facebook about my upcoming shirt-a-day blog project and ask my entire friends list to comment on possible names, but I know what I want it to be and would only be asking people to pick from a selection of Very Similar options that, I believe, would piss them off more than excite them because they had the opportunity to contribute. I think I'm going to go with "Shirts Make The Guy". The variants I was considering:

Shirts Make This Guy
Shirt Makes Guy
Shirts Make Guy
Any of those with "T" in front of shirt.

See? I'd be annoyed if somebody sent me those as "choices." So I'm just gonna bug the couple of you reading this instead. If you think one of those options is Clearly better than my preference let me know. "Shirts Make Guy" is probably cleaner (I assume Shawn Fanning would agree), but it loses a bit of its play-on-words integrity, right? Yeah, maybe.

Oh, and I'm up to 301 short-sleeve Ts, long-sleeve Ts, and soccer jerseys. That number will go up if I include polos and button-down/dress shirts, but I haven't decided if those count yet. Maybe I should make a mass post about That question...hmmmm...

Current Mood: Slow

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
11:43 pm
...Go Wide-Tracking...

Some people deserve better than what they get.

Current Mood: Green-eyed

Thursday, December 1st, 2011
1:29 am
...As It Will Matter...

I'm feeling much better, thanks. And how are you?

...Ah, that's an interesting response.

I had a song caught in my head earlier today that has never been stuck in there before, but now I can't recall what it was. Fascinating!

It's about 12:30am, and all I want to do is play Batman: Arkham Asylum (generously on loan from the distinctive BLK Collection). But I'm not, and I'm not going to; Last night I woke up around 4 thinking about The Joker and The Scarecrow, half my face and my right arm had fallen numb, and I was a bit freaked out. So...yeah...Batman during the day, I guess. It's an excellent game that plays like Assassin's Creed: a bit clunkier in the way Batman interacts with the environment at times, a bit more free-flowing in terms of plot progression and mission acquisition, and comparable in terms of how much stuff there is to collect. And it's not scary.

The next part I have to play involves Scarecrow, though, and I don't need that before bed - No matter how "not scary" it is.

Bottom line: Not scary.

...I'm just not going to play it before bed anymore, that's all.

The last part of my birthday presents came this evening - The vinyl reissue of Gish and the CD & vinyl reissues of Siamese Dream, Smashing Pumpkins albums all. The CD reissue of Gish is still coming - I ordered it for myself (non-birthday) seperately from the Pumpkins themselves to access an extra downloadable song, and (as expected) they're not as Jimmy-on-the-spot about their shipping as Amazon is about theirs.

December is starting, which means I have one (1) month left before my T-shirt-a-day blogging begins. Tomorrow I need to do a fresh count of the shirts and make a post on The Facebook asking for peoples' opinion on the all-important name of the project. I would like to create a database with categories, origins, and other info to make the scheduling for the project easier, but I think I'll hold off on that until my clever assisstant returns from the Great White North.

The main thing about that, which I didn't get to in that paragraph, is that this is the last month I have the opportunity to wear Whatever shirt I want, as frequently as I choose. The most troubling part of this undertaking is that if I wear one of my favorite shirts in January it will be a Whole Year before I can wear it again. This leaves me with a tough choice: Do I start strong, like any good project Should, or do I limp along for the first few months intentionally picking shirts that don't matter as much to me to decrease the waiting period for my favorites? You're right, of course - Lead strong (perhaps not Favorites right out of the gate, but Strong), no matter how it hurts. That'll set the pace and tone, and an expected level of enthusiasm and detail, and encourage me to keep it up at a consistantly high level.

...Or should I open with my all time favorites? Is "first week" (or at least "first day") of a project such as this an honor to be given to The Best? Yes, my life is full of The Tough Choices.

Speaking of tough choices, does anybody else local get excited when Cynthia Schweigert and Maria Chandler are split-screen together on the WMBD news? That possibility is the best reason to watch the news, and it happened on tonight's broadcast. It should happen on Ever broadcast, but I'll take what I can get. If either or both of you are reading this: I am Very single and you are Very attractive. Thank you for beautifying the news and doing your job well.

Enough of this foolishness.

Current Mood: Not Scared

Monday, November 28th, 2011
1:39 am
...Promise To Be Awesome...

I am tired - I haven't slept well the past two nights. I'm fighting some kind of allergies/sickness/whatever - I'm exhausted and wide awake. I've been trying to sleep for two hours, an endeavour I've finally given up on in favor of tapping down some stuff in here. And I'm totally listening to Wide Awake by Kenna.

Apparently when last we spoke I had just driven up to Peru. I'm going to stare at the Audrey Hepburn calendar and attempt to recall some of the contents of the span between then and now. (This November picture isn't my favorite.) Dad stayed home sick a lot that week, which means that my schedule was a bit disrupted (aka - no recording). I assume there was a Cat Band rehearsal, which is the last time I touched a drum. Ice cream @ Cold Stone? Maybe? Ummm...oh, helped Brett move into his new apartment and chowed down on some Hickory River - w00t! Scored some sw33t cake @ Bible study. Dad took TurkeyWeek off...had lunches with Mom...Leah came home the 23rd. I had three (3) plates of Thanksgiving and was Very thankful when our family was just the four of us by the end of the day. Christmas decorations started going up on Black Friday, spent Saturday feeling shitty (but still well enough to unleash the fury of a Carcassonne Hurricane on an Unassuming Local Brett), and lost the sore throat (in exchange for a cough) in time to sing at church this morning.

Mosty, though, I spent the time playing Battlefield 1943 and listening to music. Oh, and in the past week - Super Meat Boy.

We saw The Muppets on Thanksgiving, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The writing is top-calibur, the songs are wonderful, the performances exceptional. I'd say it's every bit as good as The Muppet Movie and Caper, and far better than many of the franchise's recent entries.

Muppet Christmas Carol stands alone, obviouslly; their adherence to the (out-of-this-worldly fantastic) source material, hilarious reimaginings and additions, and the tremendous breadth of emotions elicited sets it apart from and above most movies (not just the others involving Muppets or other Christmas films). I imagine some people can't take it that seriously, since it Is the Muppets, after all...and I assume I take it Too seriously, since it Is the Muppets, after all. In short, if your movie can make me laugh And cry you've probably created something special.

I've been puttering around in here and online for about an hour now...maybe I'll give that sleeping business another go. Think I'll throw Dream Theater's Wait For Sleep on while I finish the posting process.

Current Mood: Tired

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
11:42 pm
...Music From The Woodwork...

Today I took three hours in the afternoon to drive up to Peru, exchange my CD, and drive home. Fye tried to sell me a used copy of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' One Hot Minute, but the CD inside the case was not the aforementioned. So, since I had nothing better to do and the weather was Gorgeous, I drove up to get what was coming to me. I realize it is November, but it was beautiful and warm, and I drove with my window down and rocked out to the other CDs I bought at Fye (they were all correct and worked!). I listened to the 20-track Greatest Hits collection of Foreigner on the way up, rocked especially hard on Cold As Ice (because that song rawks), and discovered that I was familiar with a number of the hits of their later career due to years of listening to Lite Rock 107 in Mom's car. And that CD took me all the way from here to the mall, so, cool.

The entire drive I was formulating what I was going to have to say to them, psyching myself up for an arguement if necessary, and all that. When I arrived I presented the kid at the desk with my problem and the Not Peppers CD - He was puzzled, so summoned his manager. She was knowledgable and nice, and said I could pick out any used CD of the same price (and said I could pick one of greater value for my trouble, but I didn't feel right with that idea). No arguement, no supposition that I was scamming them, and about fifteen minutes later I finally decided that, given this opportunity (and their somewhat limited selection) I would finally own a real, sold-in-store, legit copy of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory. I've been saying I needed a copy since the day I pirated it back in high school (one of my first, matey!) - Only took me a decade to get around to it. Sorry guys. And, really, it was used, and I got it for free (buy 3 get 1), so they Still didn't get any of my money for it...sorry guys.

That album is excellent, but of course you know this. I doubt I'm the only one that let that album set the standard for cool back in '01. I played it on the way home, along with Gnarls Barkley's St. Elsewhere (another from that same purchase) for the first time. First impression - Some of it was Really good. Tonight I put in the last of the Fye CDs, Dream Theater's Images & Words, on my way to collect dinner. Thanks Jimmy John's! And you too, Dream Theater!

I have a few pieces left to pick up to finalize some of them, but aside from those finishing-touch things, I am Done with my Christmas shopping. Booyah. Now we wait for things to arrive in the mail, and then the even longer and Harder wait until I can give everyone their cool new stuff!

Oh, and who called Roger Craig steamrolling the Jeopardy ToC? That's right - This guy. Nice work, Roger! (As an added note, that semi-final match I mentioned earlier as my ideal Final was better than the real matches.)

And now, back to Battlefield, for the night is young (and I watched a thing about the Nazis with Dad this afternoon...so, you know).

Current Mood: Groovy

Saturday, November 12th, 2011
12:27 am
...Twice Removed...

I missed making an entry on 11/11/11 by that much. Bummer.

I've gotten my kills for the evening in Battlefield, I've heard a vinyl (tonight's choice - American Pie by Don McLean), and put the cat out (...of my room. She's taken to a certain soft pillow on my couch over the past month, so every night I gotta give her the ol' boot; I do Not want her jumping up on me during the night.) so all that's left is to type something in here, check-a-check-a-check-a my email, and sleep.

Rehearsal yesterday felt really good. I get a kick out of playing the drums, I really do, and hope there's something in your life that gives you that kind of rush. I felt pretty fluid for not having played in a long while, and felt like I had some good ideas and decent execution during my fills and such. I just wish we had something to practice For, payed or not.

Anybody else think Roger Craig's gonna dominate the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions finals next week? I do. Today's game was the lineup I would have picked for the finals, and it could have easily gone to Mark or Joon had they found the Doubles, but Roger was and is a beast, so I'm pretty sure he'll go the distance. Good game today, ind33d.

All my friends are bona fide now, and I'm still a bum. Not exactly the prediction I would have made a decade ago. Guess I gotta find something to do.

The womenfolk are dusty.

This recording is so joyous - You should give it a listen if you've the opportunity. Good night.

Current Mood: Calm

Thursday, November 10th, 2011
12:33 am
...John Henry's O'Henry Candy Bar Heiress...

Did a tiny bit of recording today. Not all progress is Big progress, but I'll take what I can get.

Family and I went to the movie theater tonight to watch West Side Story on the big screen in celebration of the film's 50th anniversary. Tremendous experience.

I play too much, dog.

Haven't rehearsed with the Cat Band in, like, three weeks, which means I haven't played drums in - You guessed it. Hopefully my arms and legs will still work tomorrow night. I'm not too worried.

Think I'm making one day next week road trip day - Gotta go back to Peru because Fye sold me a used CD with the wrong disc in the box. Usually I wouldn't bother, but they conned me into more than I would have bought with "buy 3 get 1 free" so I feel extra cheated. And I'm totally kicking the Bieber when I'm there - bastards. I'm also running out of BBQ Fritos, so maybe I can locate some on the way. My preliminary research shows they may be in only the exact Opposite direction...hmmm.

Anybody else totally run the "Bond Movie by Bond Girl" category on Jeopardy today? My knowledge would have been worth a cool $3,000 - I expect a check, Alex.

Current Mood: Terse

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
1:00 am
...Hey Light Fixture...

The Sister answered yesterday's LJ Writer's Block thing-a-ma-jig: "If you could only listen to one song the rest of your life what would it be?" My answer - American Pie by Don McLean.

Runners up include, but aren't limited to, A Beautiful Day by Gym Class Heroes, A Change of Seasons by Dream Theater, A Song For Christine by Anathallo...whoa. That's eerie that the first things into my head all start with "A." Perhaps I'm alphabetically minded?

I am not a poet. Or rather, I've almost concluded that I am not a poet. It's something I'd love to be, but I'm not sure that'll be enough. I think if I want to have any hope I need to stop trying to force myself to write "regular" poems, where the ends of the lines rhyme, because I suck something awful at those. I'm going to try writing haiku and pantoums, and experiment with a form that (so far) I've been unable to apply a label to - Perhaps I invented it! (I doubt that.)

If those fail I'll turn in my Lil' Po'try Writers Club card. If they should succeed I'll turn in my Wannabe Club card for a Sick Rhymer's Club card...or a Tout Les Rimes Club card. In short, the contents of my wallet will change - for worse or better...or French, apparently.

Thank you for introducing me to Regina Spektor, Leah - She makes the air-filled space between my speakers and my ears vibrate in such a pleasant pattern. The nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide atoms collide so joyfully whenever she comes around.

We're more than a week into November and I don't have all my Christmas presents purchased yet - Slackin'.

Today I took Grandma to the doctor, where they out a cast on her fractured hand, and took her to CVS and McDonald's and did some chores around her house for her. I don't know how "best ever" all that is, but I suppose it's more honorable than Monday's Battlefield-fest. Tonight we ate at Ming Shee (w00t!) and watched Will Smith give a substantial performance in Seven Pounds. I didn't cry, but I was Damn close - How dare you, Agent J?

'Cuz I didn't getta watch Fresh Prince growing up like you did, see, so...yeah...I don't getta refer to him as such...

New Kenna shirt tomorrow? Yeah, let's do that. And then, hey - Maybe another one on Thursday! w00t w00t w00t for new shirts!

Current Mood: Lil'

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
12:48 am
...What It Does To The Time...

Today I watched an episode of Hajime No Ippo, listened to Paramore, and played Battlefield 1943. Not exactly the kind of day that the best 26-year-old ever would put together, but I'm already finding that it's much harder to be the best on some days than on others. I can't make any promises, but I'll Try to be the best tomorrow.

I've got manners, but that's about all I have going for me today.

On Friday the family drove up to Peru and met Leah for an overnight stay and adventure Saturday. Activities included pizza, swimming, Fourth Meal, laughing, used CDs at the mall, 5 for $20 at Blockbuster, Goodwillin', and Starved Rock. Fun was had.

I clearly have nothing to say right now, and am not going to attampt to force anything else.

Current Mood: Empty

Friday, November 4th, 2011
1:08 am
...Big Thick Moustache...

I feel it worth mentioning again, more for myself than anyone else, that I am Not a rapper. I do not have the "flow," I cannot "freestyle," and much as I very much want to I will never "spit rhymes." I need to come to terms with this, but I fear it will take time and more than a few dissapointing and vaguely embarrassing afternoons.

Bill Withers has this thing where it feels like you're listening to something with a slow-ish, groovy tempo, but it's actually fast. I gotta learn how to do that.

I have a confession to make: This morning I listened to The Village People's Macho Man LP. Twice. While playing Carcassonne online. I feel this may have been an entirely unique occurance specific to my life, like those movements Natalie Portman makes in Garden State. In my meager defence, it Was a birthday present.

Today it rained all day - Very unusual.

There's nothing poetic coming out of me today. Think I'll go not sleep.

Current Mood: Blank

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
12:58 am
...Dia De Los Muertos...

One of my original intentions for living up to the goal of "best 26-year-old" was to write an entry in this every night: I have already mucked that up. However, I missed Tueday night for a good reason: I was asleep.

Perhaps that doesn't carry the proper weight with you, having no understanding of my context - I haven't been sleeping much lately. I lay in bed awake for long hours trying to drift off, I wake up in the middle of dreams in the early hours of the morning, and I toss around for about an hour and a half before my alarm clock goes off, flirting with the idea that if I can just get back to sleep that I'll stay out until the proper time. And this has been going on for some weeks now. So you can imagine how excited I was when, mid-chapter in 1 Samuel 12 (reading for class), I felt like I could not physically keep my eyes open and decided to give up and hit the hay. And I slept well. And it was wonderful.

I suspect that I look at television and computer screens too much during the day and don't do anything strenuous enough to exhaust myself. Fixing this problem/habit, though, would require that I Stop doing the things I love and Start doing things I...well, that I don't prefer.

I'm feeling really good right now; I just came off my best game of Battlefield 1943 EVER. I finally got my 20+ kills in one round stamp, was the top of the server, and all on my least favorite stage (Wake Island, for those playing along at home). I've been listening to vinyl while I play, which I assume puts me more in that WW2 environment...though I don't think they had Hendrix and Pink Floyd back then...their loss.

My FauxAunt Brenda stayed with us over the birthday weekend (between Mom's and mine) and brought me a boat-load of vinyl that I've had the pleasure of flipping through and dusting off (more dusting off to come). Lots of them are things I don't have any particular interest in (lots of Ted Nuggent?), but I've found more gems than I ever have flipping through my family's records: bunches of Chicago, Queen, Pink Floyd, and Jim Croce. Plus a few acts I've wanted to check out but never had the cash or the inspiration, like Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and ELO. And maybe I'll become a Moody Blues fan, because I now have a Ton of their records.

I'm going to focus on doing musical things with a set time each day, and I spent that set time on Monday and Tuesday recording (attempt after attempt) a piano solo I wrote back in my ICC days. I finally got a clean run put together on Tuesday, and I made a "rough final" mp3 today. Most of my music time today was wasted; Dad stayed home sick and happened to pick my music hours to be down here working on the water softener. *Groan* It needs work, yes, and I could have Changed when I was going to work on music, but I did get some mixing done, and playing Carcassonne, while not Specifically musical in nature, does have a lot of elements of...ummm...improvisation?...and ummm...

...I've got nothin'.

Travis from the Gym Class Heroes is sick, and the Heroes have cancelled the rest of their US tour because of it. We were supposed to go see them in Chicago tonight, but they announced yesterday that it wasn't gonna happen. We all got sad, except for my wallet, which is now Not paying Skylar for a ticket, and Not shelling out for a GCH shirt (at least one), and Not spewing its papery guts for a House of Blues shirt. My T-shirt collection and my heart hurt, but Mr. Stingray Skin (compliments of Si) is pleased as punch.

I'll show him, though - With this new-found buying power I'll burn a crater into my pocket so deep he'll Never recover! Bwahahahaha!

Current Mood: Rested

Monday, October 31st, 2011
10:59 pm
...Positively Ancient...

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make!

I, Richard Abel, will be the best 26-year-old...Ever!

Current Mood: Nom Nom Nom

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011
1:02 am
...Are Running Deep...

Making a status update on The Facebook is really no substitute for writing an LJ entry, and I need to stop treating doing so as such. I'm sorry Future Rich - Present Rich is a lazy ass. I'm sure you understand.

Back in August (I have no idea if I chronicled it here) I went to St. Louis with Blake, Sky, and Shom to Incubus, and a good time was had by all. The previous August the four of us went to the same venue to see Rush, so we're all excited (or maybe just me) to find out what band we'll be going to see Next August. Maybe NIN will reform for another tour, or maybe the Peppers will play there or something...probably couldn't get them to go for something like Paramore. Soon those will be the last of my "favorite bands" that I will not have seen live.

I'm probably forgetting someone Really Important in that statement, so...well, to whoever I'm failing to recall right now, I am very sorry and assure you that you deserve a place of honor on one of my CD racks.

Anyway, Incubus was rockin', they played a pretty bitchin' set (not enough SCIENCE for Blake, but at least it was represented in the show). We ate Thai food and endured an opening act that was literally Painful to listen to. I covered my ears to make the sound more bearable.

I don't think September had any shows in it. Booooo.

This month Blake and I drove (in comfortable silence, aside from the soundtrack) up to Chicago to see Dream Theater, and they (and their new drummer) did not dissapoint. The setlist was nearly-all-album inclusive, we got what I'd classify as the "better" set/encore (Pull Me Under instead of Under a Glass Moon), and they made my jaw drop by playing Wait For Sleep, which was #2 on the list of "Top Songs Rich Wants To Hear" (top honors go to Take the Time, while Misunderstood makes the podium at #3) and #1 on the list of "Songs Rich Doesn't Think Dream Theater Will Ever Play Live". But they did it, and I was one smilin' mofo.

The opening band for Dream Theater was not my cup of tea, but it wasn't physically painful to listen to them, so they earned at least that point.

On the way out of the theater that night I rear-ended a fellow DT fan while standing on my brake pedal. Thankfully his car had a hitch sticking out the back end, which was apparently the only point I actually made contact with, and he was chill about the whole thing. Both vehicles were fine (bit of cosmetic "characted" added to mine) and we parted with "Have a good night!"s. I'd really like to get my brakes looked at...think I need to apply more pressure on Dad about that.

I've been watching Hajime No Ippo again, and I cannot say enough good things about this series. The music is awesome, the characters are rich and dynamic, the writing is funny and engaging, and the animation is right-on. If you have the means, I highly suggest giving it your attention. Speaking of that, Blake gave me a boxing speed bag last Christmas, and I finally built up the innitiative to mount the thing on the wall a few weeks ago. It's a delight to wrap ones hands (safety first!), go out into the garage, and hit away.

I solved a Rubix Cube for a talent show at church a while back. So far, no potential suitors have come forward in response.

Last weekend Blake and I drove over to B-Norm for a gig Sky's new band The Misfetts (I'm wearing their T-shirt right now) were playing. It was far outside my comfort zone to visit a bar in a strange city to watch a band, but a good time was had. Things improved greatly when we spotted Sarah and knew we were in the right bar, and later Toph showed up. The band played great and with real energy and passion and a sense of good fun, but more importantly their band has a Fantastic Concept - They cover/parady songs by the band The Misfits but with Star-Wars-themed lyrics. Even if they sucked I'd support that concept, because, damn. Right on, guys!

This week I am Super Excited: I'm going to see The Smashing Pumpkins on Thursday, and then on Friday I'm going to see...The Smashing Pumpkins! w00t! And now, a list - One Song Per Album That Rich Wants To Hear Real Bad. Ready and set and go!

Gish - Tristessa : Siamese - Geek U.S.A. : Pisces - Whir : Mellon Collie - Fuck You and X.Y.U. (double album gets two picks, 'cuz it's my list, suckas) : Aeroplane - Pennies OR Ugly (too close to call!) : Adore - For Martha : Machina - Raindrops & Sunshowers : Machina 2 - Glass' Theme and Cash Car Star : Judas 0 - Rock On : Zeitgeist - United States (the only one I've actually heard live already) : Teargarden - Tom Tom : Oceania (based soley on titles, as I've heard none of them yet because the album's not out yet) - Panopticon.

I'm eager to hear any of the unreleased material, really, so whichever songs they wanna give I'll be happy to receive. Hopefully sometime next week I'll have the energy to publish a recount of my SP adventures and report if I got any of that bucket list of tracks. Some of them are, like, "No Chance" tracks (ie. Whir and Rock On), but some are real possibilities, I think. I'm abstaining from looking at the setlists for the shows they started playing last week, though I know they were rehearsing Geek U.S.A. a month ago (they got this Tweeter thing-a-ma-jig), so that one better appear at least once. So excited!

In other, far-less-exciting news, I've played Carcassonne online with people from 10 different countries in the past week - A feat that may not have a huge "WOW" factor for us, but imagine the reaction of our grandparents. I bet my grandfathers would have been Fascinated...and probably would have been out there on their headsets askin' questions. Good kids.


That'll do.

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Tuesday, September 27th, 2011
12:22 am
...Too Short To Save...

I spend an alarmingly large amount of time NOT listening to music. For shame.

If this happened one could never again complain, "There's nothing on!"

I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on my drum all day. And wear boxing handwraps.

I'm not in Nepal, and I'm okay with that.

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
11:58 pm
...Was So Young...

Is music awesome? Yes. Can you not listen to Dream Theater's Metropolis 2: Scenes from a Memory for years and then pop it in and air-drum along with it like you've been hearing it on repeat for that entire duration? Yes.

Either I'm getting old and my ears are shot or I've finally found the love for LOUD music played LOUDLY that I was supposed to brude with during my adolescence.

I want a woman that takes lots of pictures...and that lets me take pictures of her.

I've developed some kind of twitch in my eye and can only assume that's normal.

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
12:46 am
...Insane How It Feels...

Today I was...So...Bored.

I want a woman that plays puzzle games.

I need a job so I can earn money so I can buy a new drumset so I can have two (2) drumsets so I can always have one (1) set up in the basement so I can play more often so I can get better so I can make something awesome so I can quit the job so I can be happy.

I can't believe I typed that - Sorry.

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Monday, September 19th, 2011
11:37 pm
...Central Air...

I am broken.

Tonight's playlist: Space-Dye Vest by Dream Theater, Eighty-Five by Gym Class Heroes, My Kind of Town by Frank Sinatra, BU2B by Rush, Monster by Paramore.

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Sunday, July 31st, 2011
1:26 am
...Product Contains Chemicals...

Some thoughts, and it's all I'm promising you:

According to the sidebar on The Facebook, which dishes out information completely unprompted and apparently randomly, 9,122,502 like Call of Duty: Black Ops. In comparison, 27,551,019 like Megan Fox. Now, perhaps I'm running in sub-standard circles, or no circles at all, but by my estimation I know, conservatively, 1 person that doesn't like Black Ops, while I can't think of a single female that I haven't heard trash Megan Fox. Somebody's numbers must be inaccurate.

Richard: Full Strength!

...or I'm out of the illness penalty box.

Interior decorating is something I feel is very important, but I must learn to accept that it is Not important to everyone. It's just...if I'm going to lie I'ma use my words, not my walls.

I love my record player.

I fear I am either Slightly More attractive than I've ever given myself credit for or I am Far, Far Less attractive than I've always given myself credit for.

I don't want to be the best - I just want to do my best.

HP7p23D-I (or Harry Potter 7 pt.2, 3D-IMAX) is cool, but perhaps not $15 cool.

Don't order more than you can eat, unless you're planning for tomorrow's lunch.

If I'm not waiting for anything to come in the mail I see no reason for it to come to the house. They can drop off all the junk and bills with my next parcel.

We deserve better.

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2011
11:52 pm
...And Selfish To Pursue...

I just listened to Dream Theater's A Change of Seasons while lying on my bed as still as possible with my eyes closed in my pitch-dark room, trying to concentrate on the music. I need to do this WAY more often with WAY more music. You try to focus and then your mind walks off wherever it likes.

I would like to experience a sensory deprivation tank.

Last night I dreamed of a girl I haven't seen in a dream in a Looong time, if ever at all. Tonight I hope to dream of someone, or better yet, something - anything - that I'm not personally affiliated with & am unlikely to become personally affiliated with. I don't have any desire to spend the entire day thinking about anything that's completely out of reach, unless it's, say, The Moon.

I cannot remember the name of my RA from WIU. That piece of information is gone. We were having a conversation today, and it somehow looped around to RAs, and I discovered this missing piece of history. She was cool, she had blonde hair...and then no hair for a while...and that exhausts my knowledge of the subject.

My time in the sickness penalty box is aaaaaaalmost over.

If you Google "Free Time Watch" you can scope out my new timepiece that I got for a song last week. It came Monday and I adore it! And speaking of time - It's time to sleep!

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